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Monthly Nail Post #01
Because I'm too lazy to take care of 743916541 accounts and this journal is pretty much dead anyway (hectic, harsh, merciless real life is eating up my time like crazy), and basically because I want to post these photos somewhere.
I'll probably post something like this once every month (as long as I'm still into nail art). And because this is the first ever, here, have two.
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See ya next month, then!

Need help from Indonesian News fans [and anyone else who is willing to help ^^]
Hi there fellow Chankapaanas!!
So, uhm, to put it simple, I wanna ask you a favor. I really want to read Shige's Pink & Grey, and since I don't understand Japanese, I requested elexmedia to translate it to Bahasa. I already made a request post here.
If any of you interested, I want you to send elex an email as a sign of support to this request [because elex forum doesn't allow double-request, so, for a book that someone already requested, you only need to send emails]. The more  the request, the higher its chance to get translated :)
Here I fill the form for you, all you need to do is copy-paste this form below and write your own comment about this novel [basically your thought of how this book is interesting, just write something convincing ^^]

Judul   :   Pink to Grey
Pengarang   :   Kato Shigeaki
Genre   :   Drama

Jumlah Volume (jika seri, jika tidak skip saja)   :   ..........
Tahun Penerbitan*    :   2012
Pemegang Lisensi*   :   Kadokawa Shoten
ISBN*   :   9784041101087

Sinopsis singkat   :   Kawada Daiki and Shiraki Rengo (Shingo) are two childhood friends who worked together in order to get into the business industry. In the process, Daiki is left behind in the sidelines as backup and a supporting role whereas Rengo is promoted as a big star. The novel shows two viewpoints of the entertainment industry and the journey to becoming a star.
Komentarmu**    :

and here's the email address


That's it. And even if you aren't interested but willing to help anyway, I'll pretty much appreciate it. Gazilions of thanks for your help, everyone :D

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I don't know that much poeple lol. And here I just realized, am I that unsociable? Lol

Got tagged by sweet_pleione

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Just Because I Have an Exam Tomorrow and Appropriate Gif is Forever Appropriate

Advanced, Audit, KSPK, bring it on!!

Another Post Because I Have Nothing to Do

First, yaaaaaay for Hikaru’s new drama!! I’m so happy. Except that it’s about a doctor and I hate hospital since forever.

One of my very first memories is that of a certain traumatic event when I visited a hospital and I saw a person that [apparently] just ran into an accident, with blood all over his body [I don’t really remember whether that person was a he or a she, actually]. Ever since that, hospitals and such became a really scary place for me. I’ll avoid go to those places no matter what. Well, there was an exception when I was about eleven, I was sick and had to stay in a hospital for several days. That was damn scary, everyday I was thinking about some nurses pushing a bed with a bloody man in it. Add that I couldn’t stand injections and medicines, and that was hell. One of the nights I had a scary dream about some scary creatures chasing after me and even if I wanted to scream, my voice just won’t come out. And I still remember that one dream even after nine years.

That’s why hospital dramas [or doctor dramas, or something similar] never made it to my list. But I have no choice but to watch this one <3

It’s been a while since the last time Hikaru appeared in a drama [well, not quite]. The last time it was Ikemen Desu Ne, and honestly, that was nowhere near my favorite. The only reason I watch the drama is Hikaru. If it wasn’t for him, I’m sure I won’t be able to stand even one single episode. I totally don’t get it why people seem to like it since I found it annoying as hell, but I think this is just a matter of preference. But I do like Hikaru here though, along with that lovely blond hair. Yes, yes, blond!Hikaru is <3333 And I’m totally fine with A.N.Jell [I like them more with only three people though]. Basically I think that a guy who can play an instrument is pretty cool and definitely deserves a plus [for whatever reason Fujigaya kinda irritates me, but, well. It’s not that I hate him or anything, it’s just, idk]; and drum is definitely one of the coolest instruments ever. Hikaru always looks deadly great with his beloved bass, but he’s just as great behind a drum set <3 He always looks great in my eyes.

Here, take a look:

[.gif by me, original video credit to kei_morimoto@lj]

And here:

[.gif by me, I totally forgot where I got the video >_<]

That aside, I made it to 6th semester. Yaaaaaay for me!! Hell with scores and grades and all, I’m relieved enough just to know that I passed another semester. And now I can fully enjoy my holidays without any worry. It’s only a week left, though. /sighs

By the way, I did this:

I always love my nails, they have really nice shape <3

On another note, I just knew that All American Rejects will be releasing their 4th studio album on 26th this month. Finally!! I’ve been waiting for this!!
Here's the cover:

Can't waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiit!!

This Lack of Internet Connection Sure Is Killing Me [No, of course it doesn't]

If ever there is one thing that I hate about going home, it must be this: I have a problem connecting to the internet. This stupid provider that I usually use can’t be used here in my hometown. No service, it says. Oh, **, you bitch. And the only provider that I can use here is damn expensive, with a not-so-impressing-and-unstable speed. And now the only time I can wander around the internet is between 12 a.m.-6 a.m. Another bitch. It’s better than nothing, though.

But still, even with this lack of internet connection, I love being home. I love spending time lazing around all day long. I love waking up at noon while my brothers and sister have to go school every morning /smirks. I love meeting my friends [friends for life, if I should say] that I can only meet here, and hang out with them and chat and eat and do silly things together, just like those good old days. I love taking a ride and feel this town’s refreshing coldness. I love taking a break from my not-so-hectic college life.

Home is meant for real life, I guess.

So, I’ll just enjoy this real life to its fullest while I still can. I can always catching up with fandom stuffs and any other internet-related matter when I get back to college [well, except for college-related stuffs. I HAVE TO keep my information updated because it’s all about my future. Oh let me make it to 6th semester pretty please!!]. I usually have loads of free times anyway, especially in a few first days [or maybe the whole first week]. Too much free times that even if I decide to skip all classes of the week, it won’t significantly affect my attendance and I can still take exam. Well, that’s nothing out of the ordinary in my college. Only in my college, though.

Talk about fandom, Hey! Say! JUMP released their newest single, Super Delicate, a couple of days ago. I like this single. Very much so. I fell in love with SUPER DELICATE ever since I heard it for the first time and read its lyric. And I’ve been waiting for Hikaru’s ‘shigekiteki da ze’ right after the track list is out with Su-Ri-Ru being one of the songs [and they even added rap part!!]. And now I want HSJ to perform JUMP Around the World!!! for that 15 seconds straight of Hikaru.

And the PV. Hell yes, it looks cheap, but I like it. I like the song, the dance, the costumes, the sets, the concept, the catwalk, the close-ups, basically everything. Except for Hikaru’s pants, both of them. But I like him anyway because I’m biased. As I expected there are lots of Yuuto in this PV [and the making as well], and I like it. Also, Hikaru got a lot more screen times than I thought he would, and I like it even more.
And here is a proof that I'm biased bonus:

I like the performances as well. They did pretty well to say the least. And Hikaru wore better pants. Yay for those oh-so-slender-legs!! And since SUPER DELICATE is Risou no Musuko’s theme song, I’ll also stated here that I love the drama. IT’S EPIC. Bakajima [a.k.a Koji] is epic. Mazakon Koala Punch is epic. Daichi’s crossdresses are epic. The whole drama is precious. I laughed damn hard, literally rolled on my mattress.

As for Su-Ri-Ru [Thrill] and Wonderland Train, well, tbqh, I kinda like it that BEST and 7 have their separate PVs, because this way members like Inoo and Keito can get more attention. But then I’ll be reminded of the fact that BEST and 7 have different number of members now, heheh. I’ll leave that aside though, because that won’t stop me from flailing over the remaining members. I don’t have much to say for Wonderland Train, actually, only that Yuuto is handsome as always and I’m being biased again. Well, not that I have much to say for Su-Ri-Ru. I always love it whenever BEST performs Su-Ri-Ru, no matter they rip their clothes off or not, and this PV is no exception. It even gets a plus for Hikaru’s rap. And ‘shigekiteki da ze’ always wins sfm. And right after I watch this PV, I think I love BEST even more than before. Oh, just why is this post so biased?

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Flashy Baka-Comp
I did this to my laptop:
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